How to remove photo background on Photoshop – 2023

remove photo background

There are ways to remove photo background from an image or photo, using graphic design applications such as Photoshop, Gimp, or Photo Stamp Remover, or we can even use the online photo editing service for more.

The tools available to remove photo backgrounds are many, and with most of them, it will only take us a few moments to complete the task, and also with little effort.

Let’s start to know the best ways to remove a photo background from a photo or image.

What is a background?

A background or background, as it is also known, basically consists of the incorporation of an image or photograph of a logo or text that serves the purpose of informing about any restrictive or identity condition of the same. 

These backgrounds are generally translucent and can become a nightmare trying to remove them, even if you are a professional graphic designer or have complex editing software. Precisely in this article, we will share the secret that they use when it is necessary to remove a photo background from an image. 

Although the difficulty or simplicity of erasing a background on an image depends on its content, position, color, and size, the fact is that with new automated techniques in recent times, it has become a relatively simple task of doing. However, in some cases, these tools do not work wonders, and the expertise of a graphic designer will still be required.

Throughout this article, we will see how to remove a photo background from an image with two of the most important professional tools on the market, such as Adobe Photoshop and The Gimp.

Remove photo background with Photoshop

The photo can be removed through various means.

E.g. clipping, Layer masking, Chanel mask, Lasso tool, Magic tool, Etc. If we want the image background to remove maintain the image quality, the best way to do that is clipping path and image masking.

Let’s go start, we chose photoshop CC for photo background removal.

We would open the photo in Photoshop CC.

Now we will path the best quality meaning around the photo with a pen tool. When The path to the main part of the photo will be finished.

then click path layer and right button <make selectoin< Feeder 0.4 than ok button.

We create a new layer with Ctrl+J and the original background layer off then it shows transparent background.

However, in order to remove the background of the image by pathing the hair and fur field, we must do masking. We posting another blog for how to remove the background of the photo by masking the hair and fur area.

By removing the background of the image, any color or any other background can be added if you want the image to look interesting.

We would add the bottom layer with masking layer For Select Layer 1 and masking layer<Ctrl+E

One last thing to say, keep the image quality and remove the background of the image so that the quality of the image will be the same for your e-commerce business and elsewhere. We were able to successfully remove the image background.

Remove photo background with Gimp

The free image editing software GIMP  also offers a method to remove photo backgrounds in a simple way,  but to be able to use it we will have to add it to the program using a plug-in.

Photo background removes for GIMP other types of software.

However, with this, we will also try to remove the background of the image.

Set up GIMP softer go to files< open file<seclect image <ok

Select background layer <right button clik<Off Alpha channel

Fuzzy select<Antialiasing Off<Feather 7.0<Draw mask off

Select Fuzzy tool clik background<delete

Finally, show the image below.

Programs to remove photo background easy

If using Photoshop or The Gimp to remove photo background seems very complex to us, and the truth is that it is, from this point on we will show you some alternatives so that the task of erasing a background is easier, since all the tools that we will use have a high degree of automation, which means that we will have little or no control over the background removal process, which may lead to an image where the background has not completely disappeared.

Unfortunately, the success of removing a background, as mentioned above, depends largely on its position, color and size, and as these automated systems often use algorithms, the result is not always 100%. satisfactory frequently talked about backgrounds in complex images.

However, in simple imagery, such as photos where the background is continuous and the background is easily accessible, good results can be obtained.

If these types of tools meet the requirements, then from this point on we will know the most popular apps to erase backgrounds, and also as a plus, a service to remove photo backgrounds online.

Disadvantages of removing photo background

Without a doubt, the main remove photo background is that they can negatively affect the display of the portrayed work. They can negatively affect the visual experience of our photography. Likewise, the average user tends to think that sharing a photograph with the background may cause them to have some kind of legal problem, for which they will try not to share it, with which one more possibility that our work is known slips out of our hands.

In the event that we are concerned that someone is using our images and making money with them in forums and others, we can always sue the relevant authorities, both those of the website itself and the authorities in the consumables register applicable to each country. The only thing we have to have to do this is the original of said photo.

Another valid alternative for photographers to be able to keep the intellectual property of their photographs safe is to make use of Creative Commons licenses, with which we can assign the right to use the images to anyone, provided that the condition of the recognition.

Of course, with CC-type licenses, we will not receive a cent for its distribution or use, but once we are satisfied with access to more people with our art, these licenses are a good option.


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