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Our process of selecting Amazon’s bestsellers

Our 20 Amazon Bestsellers

Amazon Image Requirements

Our Process to Choose Amazon Bestseller Discover Best Selling Products Through 2021-2021 Product Research

Let’s face it: selling products on Amazon‌ is not that easy.

Finding profitable products can also be a challenge.

Easy put, what works for someone else may not work for you.

In addition, services such as Amazon Prime …

They have changed the way people find products and eat them.

Finally, the way people search for the best-selling or most sought-after products on Amazon has also changed significantly in recent years.

Although Amazon is currently one of the largest search engines, there are other influential search engines such as Google.

While traditional product research methods still work, finding the best-selling products and best-selling items on Amazon for your e-commerce business is not so easy.

In this case, you should always try and experiment to find the best products to sell online.

I will now give you an overview of our process of finding the best products to sell on Amazon‌.

Say you researched your product and created a large list of potential Amazon image requirements.

One of them may be a yoga mat:

With our process, no matter how many product listings you mark as “popular”, you will receive at least five product ideas that can become Amazon bestsellers.

That way, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars thinking about damaging your e-commerce business.

Here is a list of criteria we use to identify Amazon image requirements that can become top sellers:

What makes a good product?

If you miss it, we believe a product can become a top seller …

21 – 200. There is a low price between it

It is small, light and simple to transport.

You have higher than 10 sales per day.

Has a profit margin of at least 50-60% and sells 2-3 times more than the price

It is eligible for Express Air Shipping

There are less than 150 comments

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By following this process, you will notice that most of the product lists currently on your list do not meet the above criteria.

Again: This does not mean that these Amazon image requirements are not top sellers or that they can become top sellers.

This means they do not meet your standards and you should avoid investing in them.

Now, let’s take a look at what makes a “bad product” a product you should avoid as an Amazon seller:

The best-selling products in general, regardless of whether they are new or not:

Mechanical and Demand High Quality Standards (i.e. Echo Dot)

Delicate or requires a lot of preparation to transport

Sold in large quantities every day on Amazon

Trademark (Disney)

Sold in major retail stores (ie Walmart)

Technology products such as …


Kitchen fittings


Camera and photos

… They may be the best-selling products on Amazon‌, but they do not offer you a good chance as an Amazon seller.

For Amazon image requirements that are called bestsellers by Amazon, it is important to understand the difference between profitable products if you sell them online.

Why are these products “Amazon Best Selling Products”?

Why are the 20 Amazon image requirements I am going to share with you considered best sellers?

It’s simple: these are the most sought after products on Amazon.

They may not be the best sellers …

Alexa TV Remote

Alexa Echo Dot Smart Speaker

fujifilm instax mini film

Fujifilm Instax Camera

Instantly ***

$ 10 and $ 20 PlayStation Store Gift Cards

Donkey Kong Nintendo Switch Game

… but most people search for them on a daily basis, and they also meet the criteria we described above.

Author Note: These are actually Amazon’s bestsellers in the “Electronics,” “Toys & Games” and “Camera & Photos” categories.

To find the full list of Amazon bestsellers, you can visit the official Amazon Best Sellers page:

When doing product research, which means you are looking for profitable products, you should look for things other than popularity on Amazon.

For example, you need to research the potential of a keyword to become a consistent Amazon FBA business.

Keep in mind that a product can rank 20, 30 or more keywords because the way people search for products online has changed over time.

Achieving something like this will eventually leave your job and you will be in a position to live the life you have always wanted.

So you can apply the framework we shared earlier with you to choose a profitable private label idea that you can stand apart from the competition and always provide the freedom you want.

Now that you know how to find real “Amazon bestsellers” and differentiate them from Amazon bestsellers, I will share with you 20 products you must know in 2021.

So you can apply the framework I shared with you earlier to choose a profitable private label idea, one that could set you apart from the competition and give you the freedom you’ve always wanted.

Now that you know how to discover the true “Amazon best sellers” and distinguish them from Amazon’s best sellers, let me share with you 20 products that you MUST know in 2020.



Amazon image requirements

Best Selling Amazon image requirements ElasticExerciseBands

Amazon image requirements Elastic exercise bands

The  main article   has the Amazon Choice seal and almost 7,500 comments. As you might expect, they weigh next to nothing, making it a great product to ship.

Amazon Best Sellers PetGroomingBrush Products

2) PET GROOMING BRUSH (€ 3,076,800 / YEAR)

Amazon image requirements Pet Grooming Brush

This  pet grooming glove   takes the throne here.

Product description is missing, especially when compared to other items in this article, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these really deliver.

This is a perfect example of what a proper angle can do for a pretty boring product (if I told you I sold pet glove brushes, you probably wouldn’t be too excited).

Still, it’s impossible not to be at least willing to give the product a try after these photos.

They take full advantage of all of Amazon’s image requirements by doing more than the bare minimum.

Truth be told, it is the photos that make the difference between the sellers. Don’t take pictures for granted.

That is why we also recommend a price range between € 20 and € 75.

3. GRILL (€ 2,417,541 / YEAR)

Best-selling Amazon GrillMat products

amazon grill mat products

The mat  barbecue  Grillaholics is our best example for Mats grill.

The landing page of the custom product description is really good.

It has all the elements you’d expect from a great copy, and it’s loaded with social proof.

Not only do they have almost 4,000 reviews, but they also mention that it is recommended by Chris Kimball of America’s Test Kitchen. (ATK sued him though, so you have to be careful who exactly you mention on your product listing.)

This is a great example of a simple product that you can get from China with your own logo for a different touch.


Best Selling Amazon image requirements VegetableSpiralizer

Amazon Vegetable Spiralizer products

The  Mueller Spiralizer   from Mueller is one of the best selling items for Vegetable Spiralizers. It’s a cheap plastic package with the company logo on it.

It is quite easy to make, but it is not a product that will get people excited and come back to buy more of that brand.

If you want to sell a spiralizer that still meets our criteria but does not want to compete with the best sellers, you can take another route and provide the same product for a different audience.

Although this spiralizer is plastic, it was originally metal.

There is an entire segment of people who would prefer a more robust version of the same product.

5) NAIL CLIPPERS FOR PETS (1,768,523 € / YEAR)

Amazon Bestsellers PetNailClippers Products

Amazon image requirements pet nail clippers

This is another  great product   that can be easily sourced and features your own brand.

There is nothing special about the product list; in fact, if you scroll down to the question and answer section, you will find some interesting ideas that you can use to explore different angles.

One of the customers asks if these clippers work for large dogs; You can market an animal nail clipper especially for large animals.

Another asks if these are made in America; You could explore the possibility of higher quality Spanish or American made nail clippers.

Product of passion (pet)? Check. Impulse purchase (€ 12.99)? Check. Easy to ship (10 ounces)? Check.

6) YOGA MAT (€ 1,574,391 / YEAR)

Amazon best selling YogaMat products

yoga mat Amazon image requirements

Yoga mats are a perfect example of why you don’t need to check every box on our recommended guidelines to find a successful product.

This is the  first product on Amazon at the time of writing   to have over 8,000 reviews.

On the other hand, its longer dimensions exceed our recommended minimum of 18 inches by 33%. They have a custom landing page that addresses most people’s concerns and looks great.

Even so, it only weighs 2 pounds, is a product of passion, and retails for $ 16.99, which means the seller is probably making a ton of money.

The brand name also makes it obvious that yoga mats are their thing.

In fact, Ryan Moran of made more than € 300,000 a month selling only yoga mats on Amazon.

7) BENTO BOXES (1,515,261 € / YEAR)

These    Freshware Meal Prep Containers score highly for “bento box” and their listing is impressive.

Containers can be sold in bulk and weigh just over two pounds [2.5 kg].

This is almost the same as the previous German tank article.


Best Selling Amazon image requirements StainlessSteelStraw

Amazon image requirements Stainless steel straws

This is another good example of proper market research, or at least market awareness.

As people become more concerned about climate change, waste, and their own health, some old habits are bound to change.

If you can spot these kinds of trends, you’re in a good place to market yourself directly to the potential buyer’s pockets.

That’s what SIPWELL did with their Extra Long Stainless Steel Drinking Straws   , a set of straws that are stylish, reusable, BPA-free, and have over 2,300 4.5-star reviews.


Top Selling Amazon image requirements StainlessSteelTrumblers

stainless steel tumbler from Amazon image requirements

I don’t have a   Yeti double insulated tumbler , but I want one. It looks incredible.

That’s the next level branding – the images and product description are great. With nearly 1,300 comments backing it up, it’s hard to think otherwise.

The steel cup industry is growing so much that even   professional  NFL players   are getting into the mix!

That’s New England Patriot player Rob Gronkowski (left) with his older brother. They took the typical steel beaker and turned it into a protein shaker.

Rob Gronkowski Steel Glasses

10) MUSCLE ROLLER (1,246,975 € / YEAR)

Best Selling Amazon image requirements MuscleRoller

amazon Muscle Roller products

Here’s another great market research example, and one that comes close to home.

Writing about the previous article, I started to think about what products I had only bought because I had a very specific problem related to one of my hobbies, and this is one of them.

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This  Athlete Muscle Roller Stick from   Idson does exactly what you might think – tissue massage for tight muscle knots. It is the best-selling product in its category, with more than 2,000 reviews.

That’s not to say you have to be your own ideal client, the founder of Victoria’s Secret is actually a man, but it is a shortcut you can take if you already know what your customers want.

11) COMPRESSION SOCKS (€ 1,109,454 / YEAR)

Best Selling Amazon Product Compression Socks

compression stockings from Amazon image requirements

Compression socks are lightweight and easy to ship.

They are also cheap for quality testing by shipping the products to your own home. With  this product list  , we want to show you the difference between the target customers.

By targeting compression socks at women, the average annual income nearly doubles.

Compression socks are also a product that people can’t get enough of because socks always wear out.


Best-selling Amazon image requirements CompressionKneeSleeves

Amazon image requirements Compression Knee Sleeves

I chose the  second item   for this one because the first is stamped “Amazon’s Choice”.

While the Amazon seal does not guarantee that the product will appear at the top of organic search, it does boost it a bit.

Our selection has four times the number of reviews and actually has the best product description.

Again, we are seeing a trend here.

Copper Fit was able to differentiate itself enough to create its own store and use    Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Bret Favre as its spokesperson.

Notice how they didn’t stop at knee pads, but instead sold all kinds of compression gear.

Bret Favre knee compression sleeve with copper fit

You are probably already getting the essentials: it matches all of our criteria for a good product. It is lightweight, easy to manufacture, and in the right price range.


Amazon Best Selling Products SiliconeWeddingRings

Amazon image requirements silicone wedding rings

Who would have thought that  silicone wedding rings   were in enough demand to generate 5,000+ reviews at $ 12.99?

Qalo Rings

This market has become so large that people are creating entire businesses around the concept.

Negotiate with thousands of companies in your area with Ruubay Business

They are selling not only on Amazon but also in their own stores.

That’s the power of well-done market research – items that would go unnoticed by most people but are big enough to make good money.

14) GARLIC PRESS (€ 666,855 / YEAR)

Best Selling Amazon image requirements GarlicPress

Amazon image requirements Garlic Press

This  stainless steel garlic press   didn’t even have a brand on the product, just the package.

There are probably many vendors who sell the exact same item; the only thing that differentiates it from the others is the image, the brand and the description of the product.


Amazon Bestsellers SiliconeBBQGloves

Amazon image requirements Silicone BBQ Gloves

The  first product   doesn’t have as many reviews as the last one, but the brand name (CrazyGlove) still makes it clear that their business is all about gloves.

Weighing in at just over half a pound, it is a very easy product to ship.

Silicone barbecue gloves have exploded onto the scene in the last 5 years.

They solved a problem so simple that demand skyrocketed.

Top sellers on Amazon’s first page have built Amazon’s best conversion lists because of how competitive this niche has become.


Amazon Best Selling Products MarshmellowRoastingSticks

Amazon Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Products

If you have a hobby, chances are you’ve wished “someone else did it before.” For example, if you are a nature-loving type of person and have a family, it may have crossed your mind that letting your children roast marshmallows can be dangerous if you use small sticks and they have to be near the fire.

That’s one of the problems M Kitchen’s Word is trying to solve with its  premium toast bars  .

17) APPLE SLICER (215,430 € / YEAR)

Best-selling Amazon image requirements AppleSlicer

apple slicer Amazon image requirements

I mean, this  plastic slicer   is the best result and even Amazon’s choice, but I found that this apple peeler that is also featured in the results is much more interesting.

Not only is one of its colors more than 3 times more expensive, but it also has twice the criticism. Think how  specific   that is.

It would only be remotely useful when you wanted perfectly peeled, round apples (or any other fruit, but cooking is not my  strong suit,   so I won’t comment on that).

Not only that, it humbles those cupcake liners as it has been sold on Amazon since 2008!

That probably means their revenue numbers are proportionally lower than the plastic slicer (that one only came out in 2013), but it just shows how some products can sell for decades.

18) SILICONE BAKING MAT (€ 168,509 / YEAR)

Amazon Best Selling Products SiliconeBakingMat

Amazon image requirements silicone baking mat

The  best-selling baking mat   competes head-to-head with Amazon’s brand, AmazonBasics.

Their angle is that their product is non-toxic and FDA approved, plus they have it in three different sizes.

Despite competing with a major department store on a “volume item,” they did a good job of finding a different angle and creating a brand, allowing them to charge a premium – almost 50% more than Amazon’s product.

19) SILICONE SPATULA (118,128 € / YEAR)

Amazon Best Sellers SiliconeSpatula Products

silicone spatula Amazon image requirements

The  top spatula   is one of many sold by OXO.

They specialize in making spatulas specifically.

This one was at the top with almost 1,700 comments, but together they have over  6,500   comments just for spatulas.

Some have as few as 50 reviews, but it’s certainly a niche they could establish themselves in.


Amazon Best Sellers SiliconeBakingCups

Amazon image requirements Silicone Baking Cups

This  pack of rainbow cupcake liners   was first included in 2013 and is the current best seller of “silicone baking cups”.

The product was probably created in response to the cupcake craze of a few years ago, but it’s still the best-seller today, half a decade, and 2,500 revisions later.

It shows that if you can create the right systems to survive after the initial wave triggers your business, you can still reap the benefits for many years to come.


So far, I have outlined the process of identifying products to sell online – items to sell on Amazon for a real profit.

Forgive me for repeating myself but …

Selling products on Amazon is not an easy process.

This means that the products that I shared with you are only examples of those that could be a good opportunity.

They are not a list of the “best things to sell on Amazon” or anything like that.

Rather, they are examples of what commercially successful products look like.

Now that we’ve figured it out, let me give you some product research tips to help you learn how to find and sell products on Amazon.

For starters, Amazon is growing at an unprecedented level.

Interest for Amazon in Google Trends

Amazon is also one of the best marketplaces to buy and sell things online.

Since Amazon launched its Fulfillment by Amazon service in 2006, many online entrepreneurs have become full-time Amazon FBA sellers.

In fact, so many people followed that path that today, more than 5 million sellers are in the market.

So how do you make a difference as an Amazon retailer?

Reading a blog post about “Online Best Sellers” or checking out the “Amazon Best Sellers List” just isn’t enough.

You need to know what you are selling on Amazon to make money.

Intro:  p  roduct research.


There are many product research tactics that you can use to discover product opportunities on Amazon.

In short, to discover the Amazon image requirements that have the potential to become the next best-selling products, you must:

Research interests, passions, hobbies, and problems.

Get competitive product ideas

Get product ideas from the giveaway / review groups

Council   further  :  can also consult the related Amazon image requirements found below the lists of products, which usually look like this :

Or this way:

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item on Amazon?

Amazon has many different methods of presenting related products to visitors, each of which could be an opportunity for your own product research.

Negotiate with thousands of companies in your area with Ruubay Business

In general, you should remember that product research should not be based on best-selling items like the ones I shared with you in the first section of this post.

Use the methods I have shared with you to find out what makes a great product.

To learn more about what to sell on the internet and how to do product research the right way, you can read the following resources:


As mentioned above, sales on Amazon have changed dramatically in recent years.

It has changed in two main ways:

It’s harder to find high-margin products to sell online.

There are more tools and resources for sellers you can use to grow your business

At this point, I would like to share with you a few points to pay attention to when conducting product research on Amazon.

Are here:


As I have repeatedly mentioned in this post, when looking for Amazon image requirements for your ecommerce business, you shouldn’t be looking for top-selling products.

Amazon Bestsellers

These products are great, but probably not good for your Amazon FBA business.


I know what you’re thinking: the price is high, the profit margin is rising.

Forgive me, but I have to take some reality hammer and crush your business deception.

Just because a product is priced higher doesn’t automatically make it a good product for your ecommerce business.

As I mentioned earlier, you should be looking for products priced between € 21 and € 200, if not less.

Don’t be fascinated by high-priced products, and don’t assume that profit margins are higher as the price increases.


You heard it right.

I know for sure that most Amazon sellers are only looking for products that they themselves are excited about.

However, building and growing an ecommerce business requires you to put your ego aside and really try to figure out:

What products do people need and want

How much are they willing to pay to get those products

For example, you might be interested in women’s bracelets:

Bracelet for women on Amazon

Is this a product that people want? How many people want it?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m NOT saying that you shouldn’t be passionate about the products you are selling.

I’m just saying that in business, you should always look at the big picture.


Many people get excited about a product idea but forget to do their research on it.

Therefore, only when they start selling do they find that their profit margins are lower than anticipated, and that the competition in their niche is also much tougher.

So they try to solve hacks that could help them start their Amazon FBA business.

My advice here is: do the math before starting your ecommerce business; And when you think you’re done, do it again.


To know what to sell on Amazon, you need tools.

Yes, you can use Amazon search or good Google ‘, but that’s not enough.

You need to go deeper than that.

To discover Amazon’s next bestseller, you need a selection of high-quality, reliable tools that give you accurate data on things like:

The sales of the products that interest you.

The keywords these products are ranked for

The seasonality of the products.

Your long-term potential

Let’s finish this post with some final thoughts …


By now, you must have learned two things:

What is the process of finding the best-selling items on Amazon

What are the 20 best sellers (real) on Amazon

For a new product to be commercially successful, it must meet the criteria in the framework that I have shared with you.

Otherwise, you may find yourself investing in product ideas that won’t help you build a successful online business.

Before I leave you, I would like to ask you a question:

What do the best-selling Amazon image requirements I shared with you have in common?

One word:  simplicity

They are simple, inexpensive and easy to use.

That is why people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars daily to obtain them.

Most people think that finding the next best seller requires a large investment or hours and hours of product research.

Don’t get me wrong – product and keyword research is important.

However, you also need to think outside the box if you want to become a successful Amazon seller.

This is especially the case now that things in markets like Amazon and search engines like Google have become more competitive.

Now I would like to hear from you:

Which of these Amazon image requirements do you think is the best opportunity for your Amazon business? Which one can become a top-selling product?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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